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Remix  Makeover with Issa Series part 1

This was such a Dope! Fun! Easy breezy transformation. Issa "Ann b's" spirit is so phenomenal, Extremely easy to work with on set. Issa does a lot of behind the scenes work, filming. I thought I'd bring her in front of the camera, to capture that greatness. Let me tell you Shining stars this, she killed every single shot! Like a Pro. The Energy was sky high. I was Stoked to be  able to remix her own personal style with a touch of my spice & everything nice.

I wanted her to look like a regal rockstar from head to toe and that is absolutely what was executed in my opinion! You can never go wrong with black leather and fur!. You can never go wrong as a women of melanin complexion in Gold!

Face Products that I used:

Fenty foundation

Kevin Aucion beauty enhancer

Kevin Aucoin bronzer

Nars blush and eye palette 

M.A.C. lashes and black pencil eyeliner

Danessa Myricks lip gloss

Remix  Makeover with Issa Series part 2

Yes are BACK!

This remix is all about Hair and Beauty. A collaboration w/ Janet Collection to provide Issa w/ a temporary hair style using locs.
The transformation was super exciting because on a daily basis Issa rocks her natural glory. Using only natural products to protect her natural curl pattern. So I wanted to do a temporary style that would not damage her coils, be easy to remove and would be easily becoming for her own personal style aesthetic.
Here's what I used:
Janet Collection's LOC N ROLL locs 100% human hair 14 inches 1b 2 1/2 packs (can be used for temp/permanent styles) castor oil flaxseed oil gel
How I did it: twisted and locked in the locs with flaxseed oil gel and hair comb needle chair clips
Makeup & Products used:
Evian face spray, Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow face primer
Benefit precisely my brow wm brown black, Anastasia brow powder
nars eyeshadow palette Kevin auction beauty enhancer sx12, urban decay stay naked weightles 
PRENTISS ANAIS setting powder and lips smack
M.a.c. mineralize powder dark tan Fenty beauty pro filtr 450
morphe blush palette
Mac lip chestnut Charlotte Tilbury setting spray
(My) Prentiss Anais hair: Janet collection natural me clip ins color 1 1st look 3 straightened and flipped up 2nd look 2 packs in its naturally curly state style French
They say the 3rd time is a charm, so we will be back for part 3!!! So be to like and subscribe on YouTube! stay up to date with me and subscribe to my site!

Remix  Makeover with Tinaca Johnson

Remix For Content

This Remix Makeover is all about

highlighting Tinaca Johnson's Bold personality and style, as she is not a huge make person.

I have this joke I say "I'm the makeup artist to those who don't like makeup" lol. 

So I focused on a simple makeup look by enhancing her chocolatey skin tone, gave her a subtle smoked out wing liner, a natural strip lash with liner & gloss as the cherry on top.

Tinaca However doesn't mind taking Fashion risk when it comes to her wardrobe. So it was super easy to go through her closet and put together these fashion looks for her day of shooting content for her business. 

As you all can see this woman is totally confident in her stride. My Job was just to mesh her style and personality with a makeup look that she was completely comfortable and happy with.

Makeup & Beauty products used:

ILIA foundation & concealer

Mented stick foundation

Huda Beauty loose setting powder

Anastasia eyebrow pencil

Fenty profilter powder

M.A.C. gel eyeliner M.A.C. carbon eyeshadow

kiss New York eyelashes

M.A.C. chestnut lip pencil

Prentiss Anais lip palette 

evian spray

urban decay setting spray

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