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Artist Development

Ideal for:
*Non Profit/Organizations
(service offered all year upon availability )

 This is an artist development service I offer to aspiring artist, makeup artist, models, actors and talent to encourage as well as to assist them in cultivating their skills.  This service is highly recommended to business & non profit organizations that are looking to expand their curriculum. I equip from a place of experience as well as my faith.

It is written 

"My people perish due to a lack knowledge." -Hosea 4:6

The definition of knowledge as we know and according to Websters is dictionary states it is;

facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

A demonstration of me providing exactly that is  through

The Power of A*Prentisship .

This is my form of Apprenticeship. Equipping individuals of all ages, in communities, businesses & organizations with skills that can generate streams of income.

The Power of A*Prentisship

1 day to -week seminars & programs.

These seminars can include the following:

test shoots, acting seminars, makeup application classes, runway & posing classes, fashion& art classes according to the organizations vision and budget.

For more info please submit a booking form with details about your organization and ideas to incorporate The Power of A*Prentisship  




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